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How to make a postpartum gift basket (that she'll actually use) for under 10$

Dear Reader,

Another baby has joined our family, and I am blessed to be an aunt for the sixth time (yay!).  Having had two boys myself, and welcoming a few more into our lives, I feel pretty good about giving you the basic gift basket ideas that will be useful (plus a few suggestions depending on the new mommy's personality).

But here's the basic list to start with (I even got all the supplies at the local dollar store, so it's definitely budget friendly) :

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1.) a cup (I decorated mine to read "Tired as a mother" with a sharpie, then baked it for half an hour at 300 degrees to make it permanent.  I wrote over it one more time, rebaked, and then gave it a thin outdoor mod podge veneer).

2.) constipation relief and tums (yes, not the most glamorous part of the package, but ones she'll need!)

3.) lip balm, because make up is out for a while

4.) epsom salt, for when she is able to take a bath once a week (might as well make it cleansing, ha)

5.) coconut oil, to smooth dried out skin, AND help make a sugar scrub to exfoliate (link for recipe)

6.) maxi pads, again, think actually useful.  Most women need pads for up to six weeks postpartum.  And although I think a thin adult diaper would give the best coverage, it's hard to gage the size of a women postpartum and the last thing she needs is to deal with an ill fitting adult diaper!  Go with the safer bet and buy some pads.

bohemian catholic pregnancy pregnant postpartum gift basket guide gifts

Okay so that's the basics, but what about the extras?  You got 7$ worth of supplies here, and you add in the (now decorated cup), and a DIY sugar scrub, and wrap it all up in a pretty bow.  And really this is a great, budget friendly, useful, multipurpose gift set :) 

BUT if you do want to add a few more useful items, here are my top recommendations:

- a robe with pockets.  It's embarrassing to admit, but with my first, I lived in a zippered robe with pockets for the first three months postpartum *le gasp*.  But I can't tell you how nice it was to have TWO places to stuff a bottle, or a binky, or a snack for myself and use both arms for baby.  

- cozy blanket.  At some point bodily fluids are going to get on the family favorite blanket (sorry, but it's the God honest truth).  It's nice to have a back up, and something fresh and not spit up on!

- a small basket container, with dividers, and a handle (you can snag one from the dollar store, and put all your items in it).  This was my second life saver.  I'd put snacks for me in it, and carry it from one room to another, so I'd always have something on hand when I was under the baby.

Depending on what exactly you add to your gift basket, the price will understandably go up, and of course, keep the mommy in mind!  For example, is she into holistic treatments?  Maybe add some essential oils, tea blends (for relaxing, constipation relief, a mother's milk blend, etc), and/or medicated pads.  

Or is she more into keeping her hands busy?  Maybe gather supplies for five minute craft projects (like these).  

Maybe she'd like to do some online shopping?  Add in some gift cards.  
Really the options are endless, but use these items as a base and you'll know you got her some great basics in the recovery tool kit irregardless of anything extra.
Much love,

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