Dear Reader,

Though I know that you can see my main themes via the search bar, I wanted to put together a page (that is updated monthly - last update: June 2020) for a quick run down of my posts.  Some of my posts fit into more than one section, but I tried to stick with the overarching theme when placing the posts ♥

I. Catholiscm/Spiritual Saturdays

Powerful Ways to be a Living Icon of Christ (in Three Profound Steps) [ LINK ]
How the Catholic Church Embraces the Feminine [ LINK ]
A Christian Perspective on Spiritual Bypassing (and why it will never help someone with chronic health issues) [ LINK ]
What the Catholic Church Says About Racism [ LINK ]

II. Boho/Lifestyle/Green Living

Green Skincare Routine [ LINK ]
How We Downsized By 2500 Sq Feet (And Never Looked Back) [ LINK ]
An Empowering Beginner's Guide to Cycle Syncing (a precursor to NFP) [ LINK ]

III. Wellness Wednesdays/Chronic Illness Living Tips

The Game Changer in My Fitness Routine [ LINK ]
Setting Up a Retreat from Bed [ LINK ]
The Beginner's Guide to the Do's and Don'ts of Adapted Workouts [ LINK ]

IV. Homeschooling/Parenting

How to Survive Homeschooling during a Pandemic [ LINK ]

V. DIYs/Homemade

How to Make a Postpartum Gift Basket (for under 10$) that she'll actually use [ LINK ]

VI. Room Tours

VII. Minnesota

10 (Socially Distant-friendly) Landmarks to Explore in Minnesota [ LINK ]

VIII. My Honest Review Series

My Honest Review: Every Sacred Sunday - Catholic Mass Journal [ LINK ]

IX. Monthly Round Ups

Monthly Round Up - April 2020 [ LINK ]
Monthly Round Up - May 2020 [ LINK ]
Monthly Round Up - June 2020 [ LINK ]

X. Other

My Very First Blog Hop [ LINK ]

Much love ♥