Thursday, April 30, 2020

Monthly Round Up: April 2020

Dear Reader,
Welcome to my very first "Monthly Round Up"
post for my blog! *throws confetti*

I am so excited to take a moment to reflect on April, share which post was my most popular one this month, what's at least one thing I learned, and what's something I'd like to do different next month.

Also, I'll be sharing a sneak peek into my what I'm hoping to write about for May, what's something I'm looking forward to, and what's inspiring me right now.

Finally, I'm going to share some favorite posts I was reading this month, pins that inspired, and websites I'm recommending (though some already got included in April's blog posts ♥).

So read on and I hope you find something that inspires you as well :)

1.) Let's start with growth - what's one thing I learned this month (either with blogging, or real life). 
I learned that blogging is just as therapeutic as talking to a friend. 
It's a mixture of both vulnerability, and strength, to say: "I think this is worth saying."  You need to be resolute in what you're sharing, but also humble enough to admit you're human.  You need to stand for something, and remember that trying to appeal to the masses only makes you loose sight of yourself.  And you need to remember the adage, "It's not that I think my words are more important than anyone else's - but words are powerful."  So let's use them to uplift one another.  To encourage one another to become the best versions of ourselves.  That's the kind of friendships I want in my life, where we empower one another.  So "talking" on this blog, and welcoming feedback, and community, makes me feel like I'm nurturing a virtual friendship.  And it was something I did not expect when I first started writing up my posts!

2.) What's something I'd like to do different next month?  Well I'd like to get some FREEBIES going!  I was a little bummed to realize that I wouldn't be able to meet my personal goal of opening the blog AND have those print outs ready!  I wanted at least three, so my new goal is getting THREE FREEBIES available in May (fingers crossed!)

3.) What was my most popular blog post? 
It was a two way tie!  Both my "Green Skin Care Routine" & "How to set up a retreat from bed" got the same amount of views! . . . I am so grateful!  AND in one week, I've already met 54% of my monthly goal!! 

Now what am I hoping to write about next month??  Well I'm hoping to share how I adapt my own workouts (just in time for summer), how The Church embraces the feminine (for Spiritual Saturday, and for Mother's Day), a great list of the best MN outdoor sights (under quarantine, and with social distancing in mind!).  And finally, I'll share my favorite apps for editing photos that are a game changer for social media :)
And what were the things that inspired me from around the web this month?
3 Blogs (I read the most this month)

3 Favorite things I found on Pinterest

Painted Rocks that look like succulents - I didn't know this was a thing!
31 Days of Self-Love Challenge Calendar - can't wait to explore this blog some more!

My Current Website Recommendations

And there you go ~ see you next month! :D

Much love,

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