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Setting Up a Retreat from Bed

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Maybe it's because of this pandemic, or maybe you're stuck at home due to chronic illness, or you simply want to try your hand at some Hygge.  Whatever the reason, you're looking for a little getaway at home, a little relaxation corner, something to sink into . . . 

I hear you.  As someone who deals with lung disease - in Minnesota (eek!) - I have to make my own kind of spa days, because most spas have chemicals, or heavily scented spaces that I simply can't step foot in (sorry spas, I do love you, just from a distance!).  You might have already checked out my blog post about a Green Skincare Routine, but this post expands on that idea.

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It's not just about what goes on your skin, we're going to try to create a space that brings peace.  Of course that might mean different things, for different people, but here are the basics - followed up with a few more suggestions, based on your spiritual leanings, and as always, plenty of links of ideas at the end!
But first, the list:
1.) Satin Pillowcases/Sheets - not just a sensory thing, but also great for hair and face! [ Link + Link ]

2.) Cold Mist humidifier - bonus if you get one that is also an essential oil diffuser, so you can get some aromatherapy going.  [ Link to great oil mixes and the benefits of aromatherapy ].

3.) Faux flickering candles - great to get that candle light "feel", but remain safe for asthmatics, those who need machinery in their bedroom, or have animals/small children.

4.) Small basket of snacks/drinks - I get one of those dollar store baskets with handles, and dividers, and put lots of dry snacks, that are also packed with protein.  Water bottle is a bonus!

5.) Wooden tray - not just great for the tub!  Bonus if they have a side pocket or two for some books.  I love the linked tray, because you can use it both for the bedroom, and the tub :)

6.) electric kettle and tea bags [ list of great tea mixes ]

7.) heated blanket & heat pack - did you know that you can make your own heat pack out of a sock, and rice?  Literally just pour about two cups of dried uncooked rice in a sock, tie the top into a knot, and pop it in the microwave for a minute or two and voila!

8.) robe (with pockets!)

9.) bin of essentials (travel size deodorant, hair brush, mints, etc.).  Great if you're really stuck in bed for a weekend!  Especially if you're under the weather - because how many times have you been sick, meandered to the bathroom, came back and realized you forgot to brush your teeth, or put on deodorant?  Spare yourself the frustration, and have a little travel pack/bin.

10.) wedge pillow/body pillow - great not only for relaxing, but also for finding a great supportive system for your body as you recline.

11.) Plants & Water Ambiance - if you don't feel like adding a water fountain to your room, there's an app for that.  Or simply type in "ocean sounds" on youtube, and there's a lot of ones that are even eight hours long!  For a great list of perfect bedroom plants to help brighten the room, add some color, and help freshen the air, click here.
12.) soft lighting - obviously every one has different tastes when it comes to lighting, but I just adore a romantic, draped, stringy light.

13.) make up/spa kit - again, this might not be for everyone, but having a small basket filled with spa supplies is usually a good thing.  And if you can make your own, then you got cost friendly, as well as environmentally friendly to boot.  If you're unsure how, check out this link for DIY skin care, and if that feels to intimidating, check out to compare environmental impact of store bought brands, some have great ratings!

14.) art/hobby supplies - this depends on whether you are into crafts, hobbies, have the supplies on hand, etc.  And of course, there are only about 500 million options on Pinterest (plus, with Michael's curbside pick up, it's pretty easy to get what you need for last minute ideas).  But I love feeling productive, even from bed, so a few crafts are a great way to see to that.

15.) relaxing playlist - maybe you just prefer the ambience sounds, or nature, but I love a good playlist.  My favorite way of listening to music is through the Amazon Music app, but of course, there are plenty of platforms out there for every genre, and mix.

16.) small med basket - this is another great bin option if you can store it safely away from animals/pets.  I like to keep the basics in mine: aleve, tylenol, pepto.  As well as homeopathic options like ginger bon bons, and peppermint oil, etc.   

17.) small trash can - I'll admit not the most glamorous addition to the spa/retreat room, but definitely a necessity to avoid the wrapper/kleenex pile that'll inevitably surround you in a circular fashion!

And there you go!  Those are the basics - and guess what, right now I have maybe five of those of things in my bedroom!  But over the years, these are the things that have made the biggest difference for me personally, and I'm hoping to spruce up my current bedroom soon ♥  

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However, if you also lean more towards the spiritual/religious you might like to try mediation exercises like the ones found in this link, that shows 7 Christian meditations (that I can't wait to try!) 

Prayers are also a beautiful addition to your retreat!  Prayer beads can be found in a lot of religions, and of course for Catholics, the Rosary is considered a powerful prayer (and quite meditative).  

I personally quite enjoy my Bible time/journaling while I'm relaxing on my bed. Or doing research and reading articles, and books about my faith ( is a great place to start for Catholic studies).  Or maybe you might enjoy a great podcast, or read a classicBut also, don't forget to stretch in bed to keep those muscles primed :)  Bu whatever it is that helps you feel relaxed and ready to sink into your bed is best! 

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*even though there are A LOT of links in this post, I am not an affiliate, 
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