This little blog is meant to empower each and every one of you, with encouragement and real world tips and research, to help you become the best version of yourself.  I plan on using an "east meets west" approach, blending the two lifestyles to give you the best of the best.  And I hope in turn, you'll feel welcome to leave a comment and enlighten me to do the same.  I love discussion!

Here are some of the things I plan on writing about,

- how being Catholic is one of the most counter cultural things you can do (and encouragement for your vocation in daily living and personal growth).  As well as showing real ways we can embrace that everyone (irregardless of shared beliefs or not) is a Child of God, and deserving of respect and love.  All vibes, and all people, welcome here!

- how to live a bohemian lifestyle in a rigid world.  But also how to be that crunchy, green parent, and still embrace the gifts of modern medicine (I promise here and now to never taut essential oils as a replacement for a serious illness!).  How I can fuse my inner child with my ego, and become my authentic self (as can you), or (for my fellow Christians) how we can embrace the feminine mystique without needing to call ourselves Goddesses.  We can have both worlds, and become better for it!

- how to adapt with a chronic illness (I have A1AT, asthma and COPD), or disability, into an able bodied world and resources to encourage you to find the best fit for your situation.  I'm excited to share posts like, how to adapt workouts to fit your abilities, or my favorite items to have when you're hunkered down indoors due to illness, or weather, or best online resources when you're stuck in bed.

- link ups filled with fellow bloggers who inspired me that month (spiritually, financially, fitness, advocacy, etc).  As well as freebies, like printables, and homeschool resources that can be easily downloaded, and more!

If you'd like to sign up for notifications, you'll find that familiar button in my sidebar, but please know I understand how exhausting it can be to clean those inboxes day in and day out.  I won't have any sort of "private" area, for "subscribers" only, so the email subscription is only if you want to be the first to know when a new post is up :)
I'm excited to go on this journey together, much love,

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