Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Disclaimer, Privacy Policy, and Terms of Service

Hello dear reader,

As a new blog, I just wanted to take a moment to share the legal mumbo jumbo for the blog.

The Bohemian Catholic
is a lifestyle blog, filled with opinionated content that reflects only my own, and not the opinions of any affiliates I may have, nor would I be making an official statements on their behalf.  I am proud to be an individual, and want to encourage growth for each and every one of you!

With that being said, though I will make every effort to not make claims that aren't backed up by research, I am only human and cannot guarantee that though true to the best of my knowledge at posting time, that said research/evidence might not include omissions, errors, or mistakes.

The Bohemian Catholic is an informational/entertainment purpose blog, and any info presented should not be taken as legal, medical, or financial advice, or replace official legal, medical and financial advice you've been given in your personal life.

In the end, my intent is to inspire personal growth, but I am not a professional in the field of therapy, or a teacher, of spiritual advisor.  If you need professional help in any of these areas, please seek services locally in your area. 

Eventually I might include product recommendations (only things that I have tried and tested myself!).  And would do this through the Amazon Affiliate program.  This would mean that if you choose to follow the link on my blog, and choose to purchase the item, I would receive a small commission at no extra cost to you.

Privacy is very important to me - for example, though I am an open book, my husband and children are not - I respect their privacy, and I will respect yours as well.  I will never sell your information to third party sites, and keep your email address (if you choose to subscribe) private as well.

If you see something on my blog that you like - a post, a link, an article - please feel free to share!  Just make sure you give me proper credit somewhere in your share.  I would love to see what you share, so please feel free to email me, or leave me a comment, but no permission needed ahead of time to share :)

Lastly, I reserve the right to change, or update this page in the future without notice.