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Green Skin Care Routine (You Probably Have No.4 in your pantry!)

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Because of the times we are living in (global pandemics, climate changes, etc.), environmentalism becomes both a necessity, and an act of love.  Both for ourselves, and for our planet.  

However, because we are in the middle of so much uncertainty, I wanted to share my budget friendly skin care routine, bearing in mind sensitive skin and effectiveness since a lot of us aren't sure when the next spa day is happening . . . this is also a great list for those affected by chronic illness.  Because of my asthma, and allergies, I have to be really careful about what I use: aerosols are out.  Synthetic scented products are out.  And tons of chemicals can give me pretty strong reactions.  So when I say "Green Skin Care Routine", I mean in an all encompassing way:
financially, environmentally, and allergy/skin sensitive.
And of course, the less items, the less time it takes - and as a mom with two young boys, time is precious!

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So let's start with the basic routine formula: cleanse/exfoliate, tone, moisturize.  Then I'll break that down to what that means, and what you can use (as always chocked full of resources, and links).  And finally, I'll share what I personally use :)

1.) Cleanse/Exfoliate

Cleansing can safely be done almost every day for most skin types, but how many times you exfoliate depends on more than a few factors (age, skin type, products used, etc.)  IF you feel like things around your house aren't cutting it, I highly recommend the goodguide, where you can check products for their ingredients and effect on the environment.  This is a great alternative if you're dipping your toes into green living, but a little hesitant of making your own products just yet.

A quick, and usually easy on the skin cleanse can be done with a small amount of coconut oil on a wet cloth.  I'm taking about no more than the tip of your finger pad.  I personally use a coconut oil/sugar scrub (link below), for a body scrub to exfoliate, but find coconut oil too harsh on my face when used more than once in a blue moon.  So I use the good guide to find right fit for me in this department.  Personally, I cleanse with facial scrubbers and cloths once every other day.

On the other hand, I exfoliate, like deep scrub exfoliate, maybe once a week.  I'm lucky in that I'm pretty confident about wiping off make up at the end of the day, and can usually get away with doing it this limited. The deep exfoliating scrubs - whether store bought, or hand made - need that courser, gritty base to help get into the pores.  But again, depending on a few factors, you might not need this as often and your skin might appreciate that more!

2.) Toner

This step is super easy, and quick!  I use a rose water spritz after the cleanse/exfoliating and pat it in with a beauty blender or my just washed hands.  I've only recently started using a toner, because like a lot of people, I didn't really know what the point of it was - most of them looked like water, and um, didn't I just use that during the cleansing portion?  But turns out there is a point to it, and it's a great add in for women over 20 - why?  Because it helps restore a little plump to the face by rehydrating it, and giving it a glow.  Which translates to a more youthful look (win-win).  

Now why use rose water?  Okay, brace yourselves, it's got a ton of benefits: anti inflammatory, antioxidants, soothes skin, tightens capillaries, reduces redness/blotchiness, strengthens skin cells, and can even regenerate skin tissue!  AND it counts as aromatherapy, because the scent of roses is great for calming anxiety (Link One, and Two).  The best time to use this toner, is within one minute of a cleanse when the pores are more open.

3.) Moisturize

Your moisturizer is the last step - and gives it all a nice finish.  I use argan oil since an oil base is a great moisturizer - and argan oil is even gentler on the skin then coconut oil, plus it's got a few extra benefits to boot (Link).  I love to do this at the end of the night, maybe two to three times a week before bed.  That way the next day, it's seeped in thoroughly, and I feel like it's not too "shiny" looking on my skin.  Bonus: argon oil has ferulic acid which can work as a barrier against UV rays (though of course, add sun block to your daily routine as well!)

4.) Honey

Okay, here's the "extra", and though I can sell honey all day long - the only reason I didn't include it under the "cleanse" (even though it totally can be used as a cleanser), is because I'm aiming for a quick routine for the busy moms.  And honey is both messy/sticky, and time consuming.  It'll take between 15 to 20 minutes to get the full benefits ~ but if you are looking for the one ingredient, as natural as you can get, skin care item this is it! (Link)

Honey was called the "food of the Gods" in ancient times, and no wonder because it does it all: it's antibacterial, full of antioxidants, brightens skin and gives it a nice glow, moisturizes, tightens skins, unclogs pores (hence it's fantastic use as a cleanser). 

I use it as a face mask at the end of the night, maybe two to three times a month.  And even better, though it's a bit more time consuming it's also really simple.  Take a washcloth, or even use your hands, and smear it on ;)  Okay, so maybe a warm washcloth with a bit of honey might be a little less sticky, but not by much!  And yes, you will most likely lip your lips for taste ~

5.) The Extras

I've only recently been doing microderm abrasions with a beauty tool*, and let me tell you, wielding a sharp object against your face feels really, really weird.  But if you follow the directions, it's really easy peasy.  It's great for getting any stray hairs on your face, and dead skin cells.  And it's also a great "in between" skin care step, though I wouldn't personally do it more than twice a month, depending on your skin type.  It is also recommended to go at least 12, if not 24, hours before applying make up or any other skin care routine afterwards, simply because you "took off" a layer, and don't want to clog up the "fresh" skin/pores.

Lastly, another fantastic step for going "green" in the skin care department, is by using cloth wipes as a make up remover.  You can find a pack of them on Amazon for great prices*, or even make your own at home.  Use some warm water, and a smidge of coconut oil and voila

And there you go, a green skin care routine that's not too hard on the bank either ;)  Feel free to leave me a comment and let me know if there's something you've tried that you'd love to recommend, or if there's something you look forward to trying!

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 ^ my personal little skin care set <3

If you'd like to dig a little deeper, here's some Links/Resources:
Good Guide
Wellness Mama 
Sugar Body Scrub DIY

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