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Monthly Round Up: May 2020

Dear Reader,
Thanks for joining me for another round up :) 
If this is your first one, let me share how I like to write these up.  I start with some reflection time of the month, and what's one thing I learned.  I also add what's something I'd like to change next month, and present what was my most viewed blog post.  Then I finish with some favorite blogs, and websites I've been reading this month, as well as some pins I can't wait to try!

But first, pin this image for future reference:
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Well WOW!  One month in (I'm writing this on the 24th, but publishing it a little later), and I've managed to surpass my viewing goal by a whopping 27% (and counting).  It feels amazing to know that I've been able to reach people, and that hopefully in this last month I've encouraged someone to expand, to grow, and lean into their authentic self (whatever that might mean for you!).

Unfortunately the bad part of the month was that I was sick for about twenty days out of thirty-one (yikes!).  I tend to get chronic sinus infections about three to four times a year, usually in the winter and spring, but I can't remember the last time I had one in May.  It was a pretty tough one lasting almost two weeks with two antibiotics (with fevers for three days to boot).  Then the asthma flareup, then cold sweats from the tachycardia from the flare up, then it finally passed . . . only to be followed by a migraine, and when that finally passed (TMI warning), a yeast infection from the antibiotics.  I mean OI!

SO I am really glad I followed the advice of several bloggers who suggested writing several posts at once, ready to go - so when life throws a wrench, the blog can still run smoothly.  All in all, I still managed to post four posts this month (which you can find in my "blog" page in the top search bar).  And though I had wanted to make three printables, I unfortunately only made one (which hey, is better than nothing, and not shocking when dealing with some chronic health issues).  You can find it on the "freebies" page of the search bar.

But if anything, I got to practice mindfulness, meditation, contemplation, prayers, and write (though I will say, most of it didn't make much sense with fevers ha!).
So no matter what, I cannot consider May a total loss - just a bit of a tough time!
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Something I learned this month:
Enter in those hashtags on your Pinterest boards.  Like wow, that really did increase my views!  I thought I was doing good with my SEO's on the images, but yeah, don't forget those hashtags!  Not just in the bio, not just on the pins, but on the boards, too.  Hashtags everywhere haha.

Something I'd like to change next month:
More printables!  I had aimed for three this month, but obviously getting sick put a damper on things.  I'm glad I got one though!  And I'm excited that my very first printable was about minimalism & downsizing, and filled with encouraging affirmations, and reflections to hopefully help someone on their journey to a less cluttered home.  You can find the printable on my downsizing post "How we downsized by 2500 sq feet (and never looked back)" here

Speaking of posts, which one was my most viewed this month? 
The one about new feminism and the Catholic Church ♥.  You can read, "How the Catholic Church embraces the feminine" here, and I am so glad that it reached as many people as it did.  I hope it encourages and got people thinking! 

Some of my goals for next month are:
I'm hoping to keep up with the trend of posting four posts - I had switched the original draft for my favorite photo editing apps, for my downsizing post, so I'd like to include that one for June.  I'm also hoping to make a Father's Day post.  As well as one for NFP (and show how hippies and Catholics are more alike on the matter, than different).  And show a gorgeous before/after for when we set up our small garden next week.  And finally, share what's on my summer reading list :)

But enough about me!  Here are the two blogs I read the most this month:

Young House Love [ LINK ]
I know I already gave them a shout out last month, but this young family of four just downsized everything and moved themselves to Florida this month!  I'm so excited to see what they'll do to their new place, and they are just beaming with pride and inspiration ;)

Loner Wolf [ LINK ]
This website offers self care insight, mixed with plenty of self evaluations, psychological prompts, and lots of lots of healing.  It might be "too spiritual" for the religious, and "too hippie" for the "just the facts" folks, but I think it's a beautiful website about exploring your authentic self, without spiritual bypassing.  Though there are some things for sale, it's certainly not gimmicky, and there's plenty of free resources, too!

Here are three favorite things I found on Pinterest that I'm excited to try:

Solution Focused vs Problem Focused Teaching
(great for gentle parenting as well!) [ LINK ]

Best Free Homeschool Curriculum Online
(great for partial homeschooling, on your terms,
for the long summer months ) [ LINK ]

20 DIY Boho Chic Decor Ideas That Add Charm To Your Home [ LINK ]

My current website recommendations:

Vox [ LINK ]
Bustle [ LINK ]
Buzzfeed Parents [ LINK ]

(I was doing a LOT of reading from bed - and you can certainly keep up on the current news, or read some great expose' from years past, and/or mysteries from ages old.  If you're struggling with some anxiety right now in these strange times, turning off current news might be a necessity, but letting that brain lose some juice isn't.  Always keep reading to keep it sharp!  And between the three I listed, you can find just about anything to expand your mind on.  But also, buzzfeed parents section is a RIOT of laughter, too - because we need a lot of laughs right about now, too!)

And that's that!  See you next month :)
Much love
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