Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Monthly Roundup: June and FREE Fourth of July Printables

Dear Reader,

It's the end of June!  Can you believe it?  I'm one of the people who's sense of time has pretty much flown out the window with the pandemic.  Like some days I'm like, "It's June already?"  And other days, I'm like, "It's only June?!" haha!

But here I am - two months into blogging - and having a blast!  If this is your first monthly round up of mine, welcome!  My general layout is to share things that worked, or didn't, as well as which was my most popular post that month.  I also love to share things I'm reading, and resources (this post includes FREE printables at the end - no email sign up necessary!).

So let's dive in :)

bohemian catholic monthly round up june 2020 free bonus pdf printable july 4th

This month I posted lots (feel free to check out "blog" page at the top of the site search bar to see a complete list).  I had a few ideas on what I wanted to focus on, like a backyard grad party for my kids with their new playset, and a special Father's Day post . . . and then the playset didn't get done in time (though we still improvised a grad party with just us), and hubby's gift didn't arrive due to a shipping delay from the global pandemic (small pittance in comparison to what's going on in the world of course, but it meant reevaluating the focus of the blog posts).

And then of course, with our world facing not only a pandemic, but our country being divided over civil rights issues (everything from wearing masks to black lives matter) I felt compelled to write up a post about the Church teaches about racism (please read that post here). 

The other big thing I did this month was join two fb bloggin groups (links at the end) and through them, gained a few followers on my social media accounts for the blog AND got to participate on my very first blog hop!  Like how cool right?  I literally QUADtripled my viewership that day (so this was hands down my most popular blog post!), and though I probably won't do it weekly, I am hoping to do it monthly (so keep an eye out for that next month to check out some other lovely blogs).  If you'd like to check that post - as well as a few other blogger ladies - please click here.

As for next month . . . I think I'll surprise y'all on what I'll be writing about ;)

But now onto the FUN stuff - the PDF printable pack (soon to be added to the "Freebies" page of my website as well ;) ).  This one is all for the kiddos at the 4th of July party ~ there's three pages: one is a kid's questionnaire, one is the ABC game where you set a timer, and they try to come up with things on theme that start with a letter of the alphabet, and finally a word search with six words.  I'd say this is best suited for kindergarten through the 2nd grade crowd, though the questionnaire could probably be used by older elementary as well :)

No email sign up required - just click on the collage (or the link immediately below it), and voila, ready to download. 

Happy 4th, y'all!

bohemian catholic pinterest 4th of July pdf bundle free

[ photo stock photo credits: vecteezy & jacknet ]

And finally, here's a few things I'm reading this month - and the two fb blogging groups I joined that has really made a difference already (and I only joined a week ago!).

Blogs & Sites (don't forget to check out the blog hop linked earlier in this post for more options!)
Ivory Mix [ LINK ]
Divine Office (this is currently FREE during the pandemic) - great way to do the Liturgy of Hours [ LINK ]

Facebook Blogging Groups
Women's Blogging Collective via Becky Van Dijk [ SITE ]
Bloggers Camp via Arfa Nazeer [ SITE ]

Much love

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