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6 Back to School Ideas (Homeschool Edition) + link ups!

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Like many other families in America, we bit the bullet and are diving into homeschooling this year (and depending on how this pandemic goes, maybe next year, too?)  Our first day is just around the corner (September 1st), and as I was looking up "first day ideas" to mark the occasion I thought - hey, why not share some thoughts about it in a blog post?

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We have the curriculum organized by subject matter, and a place to store it all (click here to read the blog post about which one we picked, why, and how we are storing it all!).  I still need to decorate it a bit to make it look pretty (think: homemade chalkboard wall!), but otherwise out of everything that can feel super overwhelming during this pandemic - homeschooling isn't one of them <3

I feel ready, dare I say excited?  

I'm sure we'll have our hard days (in fact I know there will be hard days), but I believe the good will outweigh them.  And thanks to prepared lesson plans I am ready to dive in just five days.

So how am I hoping to make that first day back to school for my previously public-school-only children an extra special day?  Well here are some of my favorite ideas I stumbled on online (scroll down to see the blog posts I linked), though we probably will only pick one or two:

1.) first day of school photos 

Last year, I had cute little first day of school printables to mark the occasion of both my kids being in school all day (and then cried as soon as the bus pulled around the corner!).  Whether it's a simple portrait, or with a cute backdrop, or a free printable (see below), marking that first day to reflect back on at the end of the year can really help show how much they grow through the year - and mark the start of an exciting time *worthy* of snapping a picture of. 

[ free printables here, here, and here ]

2. ) they decorate a special binder to hold arts/crafts/reading checklist

I thought this was such a cute idea!  I definitely have some ideas of how I want to decorate the main education space (even though I'm sure learning will really happen all over the house - one benefit of homeschooling!)  But I really like the idea of a special binder they decorate with markers, stickers, or anything else they like.  Let them show off that creativity, and then they can store reading checklists, or special art pieces within - this also would be a great place to store DIY bookmarks the kids can make that first day, too.

3.) a special lunch 

So social distancing has us all (understandably) a bit confined.  Restaurants might not be an option - though I'm hoping a food truck will make a great second choice.  A picnic in the car (whether from supplied food, or home made) can be an extra treat to celebrate the start of the school year after all the work is done :)

4.) make something together

Maybe a picnic in the park, or car isn't feasible - but memories can be made in the kitchen, too!  Who's to say you can't throw a blanket down in the living room and spread the food out?  I can guarantee the kids will be all too happy to push the furniture around (activity boost!) so they can eat s'mores on a plaid blanket ;)

5.) free back to school/all about me interview sheet 

Don't forget with those free back to school printable, to also get a "All About Me" print [ link ] - do one on the first day, and the last day - keep it in their decorated binder, and see how different their answers might be a few months apart :)

6.) a special event just before to mark the "end" of the summer vacation 

This is actually for the before.  The weekend before could have a lot of different options for socially distant friendly family events (check out my post here to see some in Minnesota!).  A road trip, or an Air BnB rental, a camping trip, or even just a town or two over drive - could make memories for years to come.  Maybe you'll spend a day at the beach, having two deserts, and take lots of pictures - but either way, it's a great way for kids to understand that they are celebrating the end of thing, and transitioning into another :)

Whatever way you decide to embrace your new normal, know that we are praying for an end to this pandemic and hope everyone is staying safe and sound <3

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